Lighter Instructions






Keep away from children. Never point directly at face or body when igniting. Do not expose to heat or store in direct sunlight. Do not use near fire, flames, sparks, or combustible materials. Treat your lighter as you would any fine instrument. Do not drop or otherwise abuse. Never use a damaged or malfunctioning lighter. Do not attempt to modify this butane lighter construction and use unapproved accessories. Keep the torch lighter out of reach of anyone who has not read all enclosed instructions and warnings.


How To Fill:

1.     Lighter comes WITHOUT butane gas to comply with safety regulations. High quality butane gas can be purchased separately at local hardware stores. This lighter should only be filled with high quality butane gas with a LONG nozzle gas container.

2.     Push filling hole on the bottom of lighter with a screwdriver to release all trapped air.

3.     Shake butane gas canister several times to warm.

4.     Turn the lighter upside down and insert the gas canister tip. Push it 2-3 times, each time lasting 4-6 seconds.

5.     Wait 10-15 minutes after filling the lighter as inner butane gas needs time to stabilize.


How To Use:

1.     Once lighter is completely filled with high quality butane gas and gas has stabilized for 10-15 minutes, rotate the gas valve on the bottom of the lighter 1 half turn.

2.     Ignite the flame by pressing the button.

3.     If you would like to hold your flame, keep the nozzle in an upright position while pressing on the button and flip the ‘HOLD’ switch on the front of the lighter.



Warning: Never fill or empty any torch or lighter over a sink (or similar well) or surface depression. Butane gas is heavier than air and may collect in low spaces and ignite if sparked. Always refill your torch in a well-ventilated room and always allow gas to stabilize for 60 seconds before attempting to ignite. Flame port will get hot quickly. Do not put hands near flame port. Do not turn the gas valve too large. When putting down the lighter and not using it, make sure the flame is completely extinguished.